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Here you will a.o. find the latest news with regard to the MINCE maturity model, which enhances the publications that presently are available in the market.

This website provides add-on's that can be beneficial to those using the MINCE model in practice, such as for example the forum where frequently asked questions and the responses from those practicing the model meet each other, the MINCE events and certifications overview-calendar and the summary of the latest news events.

Certain parts of this website can only be accessed by registered members: the downloads section and news items. This appeared to be necessary in order to prevent pollution of this website (automatically added spam messages a.s.o.). It is easy to register - simply fill out the provided registration form.

It is the policy of the MINCE2 Foundation to not provide this information to anyone else. Presently MINCE version 1.0 is in use. Certain additions that provide an upgrade to version 1.1 can be downloaded from this website. Please note that these additions are not required to make accurate use of the MINCE model.


phd research

Versatility In Personalities

Ensure the success of yourself and your organization increase organizational success in the doctoral research Versatility Personalities (VIP) measures the correlation between the extent to which:

1. employees are encouraged ("in flow" are);

2. organizations are able to react to (unexpected) change ("maturity");

3. the value of the organization in society develops ('value').

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Why Mince?

  • further development of and improvements to the MINCE model;
  • training of individuals who are about to utilize MINCE in practice;
  • certification of individuals at Basic, Bronze, Silver and Gold level;
  • the motivation to use the MINCE model;
  • absorption of the feedback resulting from the utilization of the MINCE model in the field;
  • stimulation of the interaction between the MINCE model and other models, methods, techniques a.s.o.
  • stimulation of openness and clearity regarding areas where the MINCE model can be used or, contrary, rather should not be used.

Latest News


Versatility In Personalities Ensure the success of...
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Bartosz and VIP

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eerste VIP-meting uitgevoerd

eerste VIP-meting uitgevoerd

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