Versatility In Personalities

Ensure the success of yourself and your organization and use the Versatility Personalities (VIP)-research for the purpose. VIP measures the correlation between:

1. do employees feel triggered to develop ('flow');

2. how does the organization deal with unexpected change ('maturity');

3. the value of the organization in society ('value').

The outcomes will be beneficial to individuals as well as to organizations. Success factors are, for example: How do I trigger employees to develop themselves? How do I structure my organization in a way that will bundle all inputs made by the employees in order to maximize the organization's ability to deal with unexpected change? How can we maximize the organization value for our environment (customers, society)?

On the basis of interviews and webbased questionnaires, the three areas will be measured twice annually. The interviews will take eight hours annually and the questionnaires will take a couple of minutes from each respondent. Determining the 'value' formula will require a one-time discussion, following which we will be able to compute the figures on the basis of the existing indicators.

Employees will gain insight regarding their own strengths and weaknesses. They will also learn about approaches leading to development and individual growth. Organizations may decide to implement the improvement suggestions that the VIP-research will produce in the course of the four-year time span during which the measurements take place.

What are the goals?

VIP investigates the co-relation between individuel well being, organizational maturity and organization value. The participants will receive the outcomes twice annually through measurement reports. The reports detail the scores and they also provide improvement suggestions, using which the scores can be influenced. This information is regarded confidential, which implies it will only be provided to the selected individuals in the participating organization - not to anyone else.

Which organizations participate?

Participants in the VIP study are currently (in alphabetical order):

• Agfa Healthcare

• Bartosz

• Chess

• M & I Partners

• Royal Bank of Scotland


A couple of other organizations are considering joining the programme.


With six other organizations are currently (August 2010) final discussions regarding their participation. The confidential information in the context of the research, we collected and produced exercise maximum care in accordance with the detailed code. VIP promoter - In Versatility Personalities You are cordially invited as a participant in this study to apply via email (remco.meisner @

The supervisor prof. dr. Erik van de Loo is linked to both INSEAD (Fontainebleau) and the Free University. He is partner and co-founder of Phyleon in The Hague. Phyleon specializes in connecting connecting change processes of individuals, groups and organizational units.
Prof. dr. Erik van de Loo graduated cum laude in Clinical Psychology at the Catholic University of Nijmegen, has a doctorate in social sciences (Leiden University, 1987) and received a Master's Degree in SIOO (1997). He has published several books and articles and was a columnist for the magazine include Intermediary.

The co-supervisor, prof. dr. Anton Cozijnsen, is Change Management professor at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration and the Department of Work and Organizational Psychology at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam.
Since 1980 he is also an organizational consultant, initially associated with Holland Consulting Group, he is now an independent consultant. Anton Cozijnsen published more than 17 books and several articles in the field of Change Management and Professional Innovation. Recently, the books Change Management Handbook, in collaboration Prof. drs ir W.J. Vrakking (2003) and Anders Change, Focus on success factors for complex change projects (2004) appeared.

Remco Meisner is an independent project, program and interim manager. In 1983 he completed his studies information technology in 2003 he earned his MBA from the University of Liverpool and in 2008 he qualified as Change Management at the VU. He conducted research on project-adulthood and has published over MINCE - A Framework for Organizational Maturity (ISBN 978-90-8753-047-1). He also wrote a book about the use of the Internet as a tool for the realization of international projects and published several other books as well as in magazines.

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